China and the refusal of plastics

Good afternoon everyone!
I wanted to share with all of you that have a start up company in the plastic world. It’s not drastic news but it’s news, on January 1st China had put a ban on all plastics going into China. Well, where I live the New York Times, a well trusted site has done an article on it. And if you have your workshop up and running you make be able to help the companies effected by it. I can’t help right now, I’m working hard to start my own recycling plant and I don’t have the means to take in all of that plastic.
Here is the article posted, I hope it helps.

Thanks a bunch!
-Lauren A.

Update: It’s not letting me post the website so I’ll put spaces in between the “.” so you can look at it to.

https://www. nytimes. com/2018/01/11/world/china-recyclables-ban. html