China closes door to recycling

There was recently a nice article about on hackernews. I recommend to read the article and as always: the comments !

Further down in the comments is a link to a little documentary about people in China dealing with plastic, it’s horrifying and recommend you strongly to watch it too.


someone should seriously start campaigning an alternative to reduce plastic bags

@plastikfantastik, being constructive, since you have problems to read & understand, please check again, you may notice that even being constructive here did end nowhere: not a single damage/waste report has been considered at all, instead i’ve got kicked out twice after insisting on placing warnings,… in the v3 kit. me and others explained/reported the damages to others and new users often enough, didn’t I ? it’s basically talking to walls (kids),  as we can see with that new ‘army’ madness/megalomaniac, creating another mess instead of tackling the real problems of the current situation. solutions have been proposed often enough, here, facebook, hackernews and also on DaveHakken’s youtube channel. you will see that the most liked critics are exactly proposing the oposite of what the PP team is actually doing: playing with fire, and reckless with other people’s life …
anyways, i still hope they become adult sometime, for now it’s hopeless, seemingly more, day for day of inactivity….

however, i spoke with a friend, having a PhD in physics (germany!), specialized in nuclear waste since a decade now, he says the same: if properly done, there is no problem with land-fills.


did i say i’m in favor in land-fills ? i posted a link and comment of somebody from the hackernews comments… what was more interesting was the comment on the psychological background to justify or push recycling.

next time you jump at me, you better read entirely and correctly, i think they must have teach you this in primary school, did you go there ? 🙂


@anne-barbier I had respect for you (because you have helped me out in the past) until you started your bullshit rant about your mis informed view of landfills. The real problem/fact with landfills is the methane they cause and I know because we have just started to design a cover so that we can harness the methane for energy.  I have studied this for the last year. Sometimes G you need to just stop tapping the keyboard and check yourself before you wreck yourself!!
Oh and by the way recycling is only based on goodwill if people stop doing it then a whole industry will collapse further on top of the damage that the recycling industry has done to themselves by only shipping things off to China. Their greed has led them to not innovate. You seem to be very political these days instead of being constructive. Whats up with that!

There is a very interesting comment everyone should think twice when getting into precious plastic, basically claiming that ‘recycling is build upon guilt rather than facts’, i can see that quite some places in Dave’s management/design of the PP project too :

‘Years ago there was a “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” episode on recycling that did a decent job of looking into the psychology and economics of recycling.What I remember is that most people feel bad about throwing stuff away, so a big part of the recycling movement is based around guilt rather than facts. The slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is in that order for a reason. Reducing the amount of what you use and reusing what you have is much more important and effective in helping the environment than recycling. Also putting things in a landfill really isn’t really a problem. Landfills don’t take up a significant amount of space, and when regulated and managed properly they aren’t bad for the environment.’