Cleaning plastic with Ultrasounds

hello !

Here in the Carribean we have lots of beaches polluted with plastic. More and more people are taking on themselves to provide the honorable service of picking up trash. You already know that most of this trash is plastic and you also know how tricky it can be to deal with contaminated platic.
I’ve been reading several topics about cleaning plastic and how crucial it is. I agree. If we really want to clean up this planet of ours we need to deal with the dirty garbage that has been hanging around for a while.

I don’t remember reading anything about ultrasound cleaning as they use in jewelry for example. Basically it is a tank filled  with water or detergent and the cleaning agent is litterally the small bubbles created by ultrasounds. Those bubbles can reach every spot of an odd shapped object. It could allow us to clean dirty stuff in bulk amount and in an automated way. If you do this after shredding and let it rest you just did the cleaning and flottation separation together.

Maybe i’m missing something but it seems like the good idea for me.