Coffee pods

Doing some research about coffee pod recycling.
What type of plastic are they made out of?
Doing this research because a lot of recycling facilities do not take in coffee pods because there are a lot of left overs from the ground coffee.


I have been receiving a lot of these things. My best guess is a form of PS. I may be wrong, but they smell the same when you grind them.

Hi Rudy,

depends on company. I spent hours last weekend breaking down nespresso pods. I was shocked to see each was composed of an aluminum cup, but the cap was that crappy aluminum/plastic stuff. I’ll post some pictures below of the before and after. I plan to make compression molds from the aluminum (collected over 500grams of aluminum last weekend just from these pods). Any ideas on how to recycle the plastic/aluminum stuff? Guessing you can heat it and it will separate?