Collaborative Art Project

Hi! My name is Kai, I’m new on the forums here. I’m an artist from the UK, soon to be enviromental engineering student (as of Feb) and i also work in an art bronze casting foundry in Wales.

I’m looking for a person/persons to do an environmentally driven art project with to spread awareness and fund the cause by either keeping any profits to put towards building my own machines or donating to precious plastic.

I’m an artist and i also work in an art bronze casting foundry in Wales, I want to do a poject where I mould and cast a plastic bottle and mount it on a plinth that is made out of recycled plastic bottles. If you’ve seen the polished ABS cube that precious plastic did I am thinking something along those lines, it doesnt matter if the plasic that bottles are made out of is hard to polish up though, rough is fine too.
I’m also thinking of doing the same but with soda cans, instead of a plastic base I’d like to use recycled sand cast cans.

Ill be starting the moulding and casting of the can and bottle shortly hopefully. I want them both to be scrunched up and look like they are out of a dump.

Im not currently able to set up my own plastic recycling unit as of now but i am looking to do so in the future.

If you are interested or have any ideas or tips please do comment or message me!



I’m a visual artist mainly working in sculpture and was thinking of using soft plastic bags combined with sand or other materials to form sculpture.  Kind of like working with a plastic asphalt mixture. Even if i only made small batches they could be combined by heating the cold material with a hot air gun.