Colorado Next Step-PPV4-Maker-Production-Space

Hello Coloradoans!
The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment is giving out  help and grant money to recycle plastic.  I have put in a letter of intent to the CDPHE for help through NextStep a incubator program.  My letter is basically to implement PPV4 as a Maker-Production-Space.  The Maker side of things is PP as it exists now with an experiential business, technology, science, and math curriculum added.  The Maker-Space is a community asset where classes can be taught, youth and other community groups can come together to recycle and make stuff.  I figure that many communities could run a crowd funding campaign to fund the Maker-Space.  The Production-Space is a business-to-business that sells small scale industrial equipment to recycle’s, machine shops, and small scale production shops.  Center piece of this equipment is a precision 5 axis CNC mill that would cost around $15k to build.  This mill is able to crank out all parts needed to build the rest of the equipment and to make precision molds.   I currently have some customers interested in purchasing this machine for around $35k.  Finally the Production-Space is a recycler-manufacturer-distributer of Snploc, a patent pending plumbing fitting.  It of course can manufacture and distribute any manor of injected plastic item.
There is another grant due on March 1 that I am applying for.  Any Coloradoans want to get involved?