Combining multiple machines

Hi all,

I took a look at the machines and it seems to me that it’s very well possible to have multiple output from one movement.

What I mean is this:

You have two (or more) compression ovens next to each other. You simultaneously compress exactly the same moulds with the exact same ammount of the exact same type of plastic, which gives you the extra output with just the same effort as by using just one.

Something like a spinning wheel foot pedal or the way steam locomotives have their front wheels connected??

Any ideas are welcome 😀


I personally think it’d open up a lot of options if the Compression Machine was larger. I’ve considered it -it’d be more expensive- but, if you built a custom insulated box you could use 4 heating elements from an oven and make much larger items. Like shelving, skateboards, etc.

I’m no engineer but I’m sure there are a ton of solutions to raising 2 jacks at once. Gears, a crank, switching to motors. But, this is probably something for people who are already established and have the experience and time in that it makes sense to sacrifice cost to increase efficiency.

That’s a very good idea as well. It’s a perfect project for people who study for engineers, and such.

But seeing as how each machine seperately works, it would be possible to line up several scrap-ovens, connect them to one terminal setting the heating for all of them, managing them to the same or different temperatures, etc and crank them up at the very same time applying just the same amount of pressure to several moulds that need exactly that pressure… And doing all that with just one action instead of having to crank up an oven, all over again and again if you want to make f.i. 6 of the same vases over the coarse of one day.