Combining shredder and extrusion machines in one

Hi PP army,

as we are sourcing material to make PP shredder and extruder in Greece, we were thinking on combining the shredder and extrusion into one machine.
In this way you can work at the same time, while also reducing the cost by having only one motor.

Has anyone attempted such thing? Ideas?

Thanx in advance,
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Your idea is great!

the extruder need slower motor! and the shredder a bit faster!
You can change the speed of the motor via inverter (that means about 400€ to 600€ plus)

If you have any suggestion of your idea let me know please!

Best regards

*i am also from Greece!

Hey stamp,

My name is Alex FIlippidis and we are developing the shredder and the extruder for a cool project we were asked called Touch the past where they will be 3d printing antiquities for kids and blind people to… touch the past… how cool is that.

We know that noone has done PP machines in Greece before and we are quite skilled with building things in general.

Regarding the combination, I know that a controller could be a possibility but no way we go for such expensive option. In the end how you produce 3d filament depends on how you “pull” and not how much you compress… Compression is need to make the material unified…

We plan for the next machines to go with 3phase converted to single phase motors where is easier to find second hand and control and etc…

WIll let you all know… on the meantime find and join our international group on FB if you are interested at