Common questions

Hey Dave,

love your projects. Congrats on the results for your graduation. They are earned by all means.

I redirected your movie to several people and they all respond the same way. I’m a volunteer in a Fablab in Alkmaar De Kaasfabriek and we all agree we need to build your row of machines. A lot of the materials and parts we have already, tools, welding equipment, knowledge of electronics, arduino’s, PID’s one way or the other, from peaking into it until experts. The only thing we lack is time at the moment:-)

My questions:

– Is it possible to rent or lent your machines, for an event, a week or even month’s to show it to our volunteers, FablabManagers, public and guests or workshops. We can take care of transport, insurance or whatever suits you well? I think I can convince people to interact, put in their expertise to produce whatever they can to build the parts we need easier if confronted with the stuff in real life.

-Somewhere in your story, you needed a stronger motor for one of your machines. Maybe I can provide you with a stronger or even geared motor. These ones are refurbished or new and never used. We could build it in for you if you want. After you approve the mod of course:-)

– You tell us actually with your research, only 10% of the Dutch collected plastics are recycled. While already collected, separated, shred, bagged and stored. I find that really disturbing. Maybe we should bring your machines to all of the 33 Fablabs in Holland to reach and teach more of us in recycling an outstanding material. At the moment most of us want to shred and extrude to get our hands on cheap filament, while in most cases it fails because it is almost impossible to get as close to 2,85mm as it needs for Ultimaker-like printers. (without flaws) without the extended lengths of cooling and transport systems the pro’s use. Your ideas extend these possibility’s.

You can find me at the Kaasfabriek for personal contact information

Greetz, Boy


Nice Fablab building! Great to hear you want to build a set of these machines.
The machines are current on the road to a variety of different exposition, so unfortunately it won’t be able to lent them any time soon. Perhaps you can ask Alex and his machine?

Neither way, it would be great if you would build a machine as well. I still really want to build/develop my own shredder. Perhaps this is interesting to explore and work on? -it would be a huge asset to the project.

Wrong topic bro 😉

What OS is the phone going to use?

Hope you had a good time!
Yes the other design should have less problems with bags and bigger objects.
Also really like that the spinning speeds is much slower an counter knives.
This is the ultimate:

Hey Dave, Hollidays, holy days:-)

Just back from Sweden, fresh energy and ideas….Tnxx for replying

I Just managed to take a look in to the heart of our shredder@work. Same one you have, now I understand why there was no counterknife on your pics. There isn’t one. Just as soon the shreds are small enough to fall down in the screenholes, seems to me a little tricky if the parts are bigger or more in volume. Nice shreds though.

Why do you want another design? For soft plastics like PE LD maybe? I’vn’t seen a good working shredder with plastic grocery bags yet. They all seem to stuck with it. Or is there another reason?

These knives are easy to sharpen, the design with the counter turning knives are not I guess. We’ll see.

To be continued…