Community use Shredder and more

Hi everyone !

I’m Rémi, from Paris. I’m a member in TechShop Paris where I have full access to waterjet cutter for iron pieces, CNC woodworking machines, MIG welding, etc.

We’ve been working on designing a bigger shredder for a community use, with 2 compartments, probably working with a bike, covered with wood (then recycled plastic), and Arduino control for control, safety (body part heat detection, stucked shredder to slow down, go back and forward, etc). The design is still under construction – using Golden ration a lot 😉 – here is a 3/5 wood scale-model.

All needed machines for constructing this shredder being in the same place, our shredder should be finished beginning of June. We are working on including this machine inside Techshop Paris and give free access to members (we are more than 300 in France).

If you want to help, please do, and let’s clean our planet together ! You can find more details and message me here or on this forum.

If working well… When working well, I will post the design here and on my website to help anyone caring about this project to have access to these machines, build its own, find missing parts, new ideas, etc. Individuals, fablabs, community, residential areas, everyone should have access to these machines, and I’m so pleased we are so much wanted to make it work !

Thanks Dave Hakkens,
Thanks everyone,


One idea I had, no idea the plausibility of it, is to use the (I call them Nose and Anchovies pieces, but they are really designated as 8 and 4 in the PDF labeled 02 shredding laser overview) in a different way:combine the two into a single part, Nose facing one way, anchovie facing the other, and alternating the thickness. I believe that this would allow for two separate sets of shredder blades to be going at the same time. No idea if this would work or not but I would love for someone to test it!