Compression Extruder Screw

Can anyone slice the Compression Extruder Screw cad drawing in half (using CAD Software) so the two pieces can be made on a 3d printer,  then used to cast the part out of aluminum.? I’ve tried but failed.

Thanks in advance.

I can…
if you would like to send me your drawing I can cut it half…
which extension do you need?

Better sooner rather than some $’s down the road isn’it…? 🙂

That knocks that project on the head en lol.

I initially thought that the idea was peculier, but I thought maybe I do not know the whole story… now that I went through it once more… well… maybe I misunderstood, but… if you think to make a screw out of aluminum… well… unless you want to extrude soap at low throughput… be aware it’s not gonna work… 🙂
A casted screw would not work, aluminum even less…

Make sure to document your process. I’m curious of how this works out.

It shouldn’t be a problem?

Do note that there is an undercut present in that current design. So it might not work with making a mold for sand casting. Unless you use a lost model technique (but then you wouldn’t need 2 halfs) which means in the case of the 3D-printed part that you would be burning plastic away.

How do I send you the file?

If I can do it, I will be happy to do it for the cause…

Thanks, it’s Dave Hakkens design.
I send the igs file but I use “Design Spark Mechanical” which uses a .dsdoc format.
Would you be able to print this, or anyone else whos reading this. if so how much?
Thanks again.