Compressor powered by gas

This is the result of teamwork, for the International Development Design Summits (IDDS), held between August 15 and 30 in the community of Isla de Rosario, Magdalena,Colombia at the entrance to the Magdalena Cienaga, an important ecosystem for the country, which suffers great environmental problems by the plastic polusion. Mainly because this region does not have access to drinking water, which implies a massive consumption of water in plastic bags, which end up thrown in any place without any management system.

As a result they raised a value chain, through the collection and transformation of plastics, and a gas-powered compressor oven is manufactured, since in the community the electric service is not stable and it is much cheaper to access gas.
The principle is the same, the only variation is the gas supply, and that the compression is done in the up-down direction, because the flame output is better in the bottom-up improve the compression system a handlebar is proposed so that the shorter people can access the machine.To improve is the compression system, since the axis that holds the handlebar is not fixed, but has a vertical movement, by the mechanical jack.
nevertheless a system is created that allows these two movements, and the compression works very well, it is considered as an initial prototype, with the idea of ​​being able to continue advancing towards the creation of construction products such as paving stones, and bricks.
Since within the swamp houses, they seek to gain territory through the compaction of all types of waste, which has created different activities that threaten the health of the inhabitants and species.

Some Pictures

Process machine