Conceptos Plásticos uit Columbia

Building homes from waste plastic


Wish I knew how they do it.   They are setup as a for-profit business, but for-profit business is not going to solve this problem.  Capitalism will not save the world.   This stuff needs to be open sourced.   Along with some projects featured here.   There needs to be a open source license, patent, copyleft, trademark organization that helps keep up with it all.  Only real way to combat plastic is to open source it. People in Latin America have to wait for Concept Plastics to develop enough capital to build homes across Latin America.  If they would just open source it.  Some organization in Chile can handle things in Chile for example.

I understand wanting to make a living doing such a thing but they’re not gonna go from Colombia to Cambodia overnight and probably not even over a decade.  Should have a licensing agreement or something to allow the idea to be executed in other jurisdictions whether it includes royalties or not.

Even on this site lot of stuff is closed.  You built a new type of machine, share the design, got a new item, show us how to make it too or sell the plans.

@bluesbrother, yeah its a shame that they and other innvoative companies are closed. But I, and other people, are working on similar things that are intended to end up open-sourced. Funny enough, I expect this sort of collaborative, generous, altruistic model would end up putting any for-profit out of business.