Conic Screw Wood Splitter

Everybody is posting ideas here, so…

Recently I have noted that many people use wood as fuel (especially in barbecues) and they use an axe to reduce the blocks son it can burn faster and easily.
Although using an axe looks manly and feels cool, it is dangerous and fiscally demanding, this is still ok if you are a guy but not so much if you are too young, too old, somehow disabled or just lazy and nobody is around to help.
Asking google about this matter, he recommends the use of this wood splitter:

I was thinking about the possibility to pour moltened brass in a sand mold to make one but then I just thought: “Why not make it with injected plastic”

Stop shouting! I know Plastic is not hard enough so we need to give him a metal soul (it sounds cool, isn’t it?)

We would need the biggest pointy metal screw we can find and reduce the size of the head so it can be drived by a regular drill chuck.
Using your favorite molding technique, make a mold, keeping in mind that the screw needs to be in the center while the plastic is injected around most of the screw’s body.
Inject plastic, and get ready to split the closest piece of wood you can find.

If only I had a Shredder, a plastic Injector and a sick workshop I could prototype one and share the results with you guys but I guess this is no Wonderland.
If you know someone with the time, the resources and the ability to do it, please convince him to try and see if something can be accomplished.

Cheers !