Cost of Machinery ($)

Hello all,

I’m currently formulating a business plan for an entrepreneurship class I’m in centered around Precious Plastic and the free resources Dave Hakkens has supplied to us.
This business plan happens to be very proper, and I’d like to turn it into something I actually use in my future, as I am only in high school right now. Precious Plastic has been my dream for years, and I’d like to have my own location someday right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
One part of this business plan is establishing a basis of costs for everything. As I’ve never built any machinery, and only have the videos and blueprints to go off of, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what building all of the machines that have been detailed in video cost in total. Assuming I have all of the machinery required to manufacture the machines themselves (i.e. welders, plasma cutters, etc.) If anyone has any helpful advice, experience, or financial suggestions, that would be great. Thank you!
-Evan Quarters
Junior at Ashwaubenon High School

Hey there,
since this story is pretty $$ and time consuming, I’d suggest to find your next PP workshop and have some talks first. There are soon some basic excel sheets and more possible products coming soon. I’d wait for v4 and go from there.

v3 as it is now – from traders / builders – will coast you around 3-5k $ and a couple of hundred $$ to run per month.

As @ppme said, look in the machine section of the bazar on the precious plastic site. There are machines offered in various stages of completeness.

In regards to all of the tools, I have everything (including the likes of a plasma cutter) available to me at my high school. As far as a junkyard goes, I’ve never checked one out myself. Know how is something I relatively lack, however, I know many people who do. Again, thank you for the input. I’m excited for v4!
-Evan Quarters

Well, the exposed material bills as they are now are ok, IF – and that’s a big IF – :
– you have all the machines : a good scrap yard (which has fitting couplings), lathe, welder, grinder, drill press, etc – and the 1-2 years of skills to hack this all together-  plus the massive amount of time to get this right.

Otherwise, check the bazar to get an idea.

May be, you could lend a set from somewhere ?

btw, sorry for the confusion – you’re bumping into this like a few other thousand of people – we’re working hard on the online material.

Thank you for the response!
This isnt something I’ve had time to look into thoroughly yet. The most I’ve done is intently browse information about plastic and Precious Plastic in particular. I haven’t done any collection, construction, etc. I’m currently employed part time at a grocery store, and dont have a lot of money.
My purpose for this post is to simply get an estimate as of right now. I need something soon for a class I’m in, so i just wanted to know if there was a solid number estimate someone could give me.
Thank you! Any other responses are much appreciated.