Costs for machines

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Whilst watching the videos of making the shredder it was unclear to me how much the materials cost to build it. Does anyone have a rough indication as to how much it would be to build this machine, and the other ones?

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@vaynesustayne, I left some estimates for material prices in the wiki (+/- 30%). That are estimates for the European area only. The machines sold in the Bazar are around 50% – 300 % higher due to massive labor, fees but also the equipment involved.

More or less we have 2 kind of machine builders:
1. those who charge you for everything involved (more expensive)
2. those who sell it for what it worth, compared to machines on the public market

Hey there, i would like to know where to source for an extrusion machine parts, even if it is online.

@eokeke82. At the moment you can only check the map and try contacting the nearest ‘machine builders’. Unfortunately, over 50% of the map data is obsolete and so it will take some time.

Unfortunately we still don’t have the tools in PP to organize group bulk containers to critical areas like yours. We are working on it 🙂

It is extremely difficult for us to source for materials for machine production here in Ghana.Please we humbly wish to ask if anyone has information about where to source the materials for machine production. Getting to buy from outside the country is way to expensive for use to do as we are just a community based organisation working on promoting environmental sustainability through plastic waste recycling.We are also soliciting for anyone who has used or damaged machine which we can fix and use. Eve of it is outdated, we are greatly willing to accept.@All keep up the good works, as I have been following up on Dave for over 2 years now.

Thanks for the invite to come, but i cant leave the kids home alone. ;-) Itll be a total mess!

Im just telling what ive read in the blueprints and that is: the costs will be around 800 euro`s if you can make the machines yourself, according to Dave.

About me: I dont have any tools to work with and im not a metal worker at all (i can cook though. 😉 ) thats why im looking for someone to build the machines for me. I probably can get fundings but I need to know prices to get those fundings. Unfortunately people i approached don`t react to my email. 🙁

@trashtotreasurenl: just that the premium heat bands (120 for 4 alone), breakers, couplings, VFD, good cables, connectors, ink, electricity, consumables … has been listed – NOT at all. Not too mention the special tools, or the lathe …. the cheapest laser set we ever found alone was at 180.

I invite you to come here and pull this off with 800 Euro, from scratch 🙂 We provide you good dwelling, sun, beach & lots of good beer (you gonna need it) 🙂 I bring friends & users enjoying this story here since the beginning and we were wondering it’s raining couplings in the Netherlands 😉

Coincidence, we just purchased the basic electronics for a shredder & extrusion combo : 120 Euro (no VFD incl.); not exactly stuff you want to save money with either.

I am mean it’s ok to tell people it’s affordable (for people who have machines & tools) & easy (for people who know metal work) – but more realistic numbers could hurt the project and people less …

The parts will cost you 800. Lots of the parts Dave used and calculated are secondhand. Just download the blueprints, it’s got lots of information. 😉

But if you want someone to make the machines for you, you have to pay them, ofcourse for the time they spend on building. And i believe it takes a lot of time to make them. I have seen them being sold for 3500 euro’s in the bazar a few months ago.

You just have to contact a machine builder in your area and ask them for prices.

trashtotreasurenl, if you know such person, doing them for 800 and as in the pictures: I am happy to hire him right away – with a good wage and best part, I could finally retire 🙂

If you download the blueprints of the PP machines, there is also a price for materials included. If you make them yourself, you can make them for less then 200 euros (1 machine. So 4 machines are about 800 euros. )
If someone has to make them for you, there is labour ofcourse.

@vaynesustayne you can get an idea and maybe even find components/machines to buy on the Precious Plastic Bazar 🙂