Create a new forum

Hi @davehakkens !

For the V4 of Precious Plastic (or not) I propose an idea, creating a new forum.
Some things are bad managed like searching a topic, double topic, …
I’d like to have your opinion @xxxolivierxxx because your a moderator and you use the forum very often.

So I’d like to make a new version of the forum which I will develop (in PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, …). I want to make a simple forum (like now) so the users could continue use it like before. But because it’s made in a simple way, we could add features (like advanced search for topic) easily.

Thanks for reading,
If you have some questions, feel free to post replies on that topic !
And see you again in the next vide… message ! ^^’


@adrienluitot, i have no intentions to discuss this further but I went on with ‘nodebb’ here and after a week trying things, I can tell you i am more than happy: easy to customize, runs blazing fast and as user and administrator/moderator it’s a real pleasure to use 🙂

Okay we need a new forum. It’s a reality.
And a new website maybe but after certainly. Now I think we just need to the V4, there will be some developers to work on PP.

to strengthen our credibility when it comes to data/community structures: we’re currently the most occupied European machine builder for precious plastic machines. we do have up to 4 new client requests, a day! we spent up to 2-3 hours a day talking with those people, trying to figure out what they want, even telling them what they want and what they don’t want. after some questions we’re even recommending them to not do it since we understand ourselfs as volunteers, on a daily base with pretty hard work til late in the morning. we are not traveling around and visiting communities and try to spread the word and such things, no ! we do precious plastic on a daily base and i can tell you : most of the pp website and forum is plain wrong, utterly useless and even harmful. we are getting punished everyday by it, we loose many many hours because of the wrong structure and content we can’t change ourself

There is more than 10k user and more nearly 5 topics created everyday, how a man can answer to all this topic, do research for PP, live normally, …
Dave isn’t a robot and he isn’t a professional.

Why does people lost money and some other doesn’t ?
Of course there are problems, machines aren’t perfectly operational. But it’s a little team and they haven’t as money as big incorporations.

I think a new forum will arrived, we just need to wait. They first want to upgrade the PP project and I find it understandable.

But to have a better forum now, maybe it’s could be cool to have more moderators.

the idea is to build an efficient & autonom network, and not building a pyramid where the top doesn’t care as we see now with the PP team. just to remind you, there are many many hints & warnings created here by the community but entirely ignored by @davehakkens. needless to say, we’re talking here thousands of euros and tough disappointments for lots of people here and as always nothing has been done about to warn new users, quite the opposite. and from what i see in the v4 proposal they are going ever further with this pyramid like structure.

i can’t really believe this is happening. the folks i know who do p2p communities would be really disappointed by such moves. it’s actually a shame !

It’s that on a forum as simple as this one (maybe too simple I’m alright) they arrive to post in wrong forums.

Yes there is lot of things missing here. But I think Dave and his little team can’t do everything. But that will probably change with the Version 4 and the big team.

@adrienluitot : i didn’t understand a word but i guess it’s about that  fatal ‘it must be easy’ thing.
just for inspiration, me as long time volunteer, researcher and developer (not a trespasser like the 90% of the rest here)

– i can’t create lists of groups or topics i am interested in
– i can’t see recent activities in my liked topics (email notif sucks)
– i can’t upload to a public /updatable directory
– i can’t chat with the guys i like to
– i can’t create write proper articles
– i can’t create galleries
– i can’t make proper searches
– i can’t hide or filter out ‘unknown’ people topics

– another hundred things …

i can’t i can’t i can’t … , that means i won’t be able to do my research here nor i am unable to contribute properly :-). that’s what i meant, PP is sending us with knifes to a gunfight

Hi @anne-barbier !
Yes it’s cool he look easy but you (we) are “good” internet users and we now use forums. But I’ve almost never see a forum as simple as this one and there is a lot of people which do not know use it… I think with your it will be even worst.
I’d like to have a complete forum as your but I think users will be lost.
And the design of yours stay far from the Dave’s one.
If you can do it as same as it, I think it will be easier to use it on this website.

Yes but it’s too late ^^’
Just see : users have questions about plastic and they post them in General’s forums :confused:

i have only one thing to say about: retarded software makes retarded people, producing a retarded outcome 😉