Create plastic bricks to build affordable housing

Hi Friends,

I’d like to suggest the community to create a mold to make bricks in order to create affordable housing.

The company named “byfusion” is working on it. Check out this vidéo:

I believe this should go open-source!

What do you think?


Es genial!, en verdad desconozco porqué no se utiliza este tipo de método, supongo que por costumbre y desconfianza de la sociedad, seria cuestión de despejar dudas en cuanto al material plástico que compone el bloque, y de ahi solo quedan que se vaya replicando entre algunos valientes. Me gusta la idea, investigaré mas sobre el tema.

Aquí hay un ingeniero mexicano que aplica botellas de PET en sus construcciones.

Habría que seguir esta temática, es una manera de colaborar con el medioambiente y tambien produciría beneficios en el costo de la construcción.

Muy interesante!, saludos desde Argentina!.

Here is another example of recycled plastic house design in Mexico:

This is such a great idea and could really help homelessness. Here is an example in Colombia where plastic is used to create LEGO like homes that are sturdy and affordable . Flame retardants are added for fire safety.

Thge middle should be hollow than you can fill it and need 1. less material,… 2. Its faster 3. can but stability or isolation material inside.

Isorast makers them from foam

Here’s another thread on this kind of concept:

This other thread has one of my personal favorites because it’s minimal plastic use and it’s ease of transport(which is important in the U.S.). I imagine you can use other waste material for insulation such as uncompostable paper.

Scooterist: Wood burns in a fairly known way. It stays structurally stable for quite some time and gradually degrades before it collapses.

Plastic will hold up for some time, but then it might collapse suddenly collapse without “warning”. It may also stick to your skin, and keep burning. Fumes/smoke may also be a bigger problem than with wood. Then there is UV stability.

I’m thinking plastic bricks might be a great idea, but it should be tested fairly vigorously. On the other hand – if I was poor and needed roof over my head, it’s most likely better than many of the alternatives.

why do people go on about fire resistance?? Are houses generally fire proof? no!, is wood fire proof? no! I am sure render will fire proof it a bit

Wow! Amazing idea! That is like a win-win-win situation. 🙂 The only downside I can see is fire resistance. As soon as it gets hot, the plastic would start to melt or even burn, which isnt good :confused: