Creating the perfect workshop

Hi people.

I just registered at this website, and i must say that it seems like an awesome place. At the moment, i’m looking at creating a workshop for plastic (and general) recycling.

So what i want to ask is what kind of machines and tools you guys use?

Beside the 4 open source machines, what do you have in your shop?

Do you use 3d printers, laser cutters, cnc machines, water jets, lathes or something else?
Again, i’m looking for ideas for creating the perfect workshop, so any input is appreciated 🙂


Welcome to Precious Plastic @emil-b
Here’s my idea of a perfect Workshop, I might get the list updated later if I have any more ideas:

*First of all, a room with lots of space available to work freely, without having to pile one tool over another due to a lack of space. 4 walls, 1 or 2 windows, concrete floor and a wide door (motorized garage door)
*A Dremel 4000 (not a wireless one) with a full set of accessories
*Screwdrivers: Flat, torx, phillips, all sizes.
*An angle grinder, with a few discs for cutting, grinding and sanding
*A Bench-Top metal and Wood Lathe
*A drill with a full set of drill bits, for wood and metal
*A whiteboard
*A clean desktop and a laptop on a corner
*Several C-Clamps of different sizes
*Lots of nuts, bolts, screws
*Locking plier, regular plier, scissor,
*Wood Glue, WD-40, wood varnish, a few cans of spray paint
*A 3D printer
*A Laser Engraver
*CNC Machine
*Laser cutter for Wood, acrylic, Carboard… Metal Laser Cutter and WaterJets are optional, these machines are pretty expensive. If I need to cut any metal parts rather pay a company that offers that service.

I have never tried it, but for the smoke issue, you can just put a fan blowing air right next to the laser cutter. If there’s any smoke, it will be directed away from the machine 🙂 (unless you have an enclosed laser cutter, in which case a fan cannot be used)

Very cool. Have you had any experiences laser cutting sheets of recycled plastic? I fear that it will create too much smoke and destroy the mirrors, but if it turned out to be possible, it would be very cool.