Creating the precious plastic at a big scale

Hi everyone !

We are working for an NGO based in Cambodia on an environmental project. Cambodia is a very polluted country with tones of wastes. We are based in Siem Reap and are interesting about the machines Precious Plastic have presented. We will not take in charge the construction of the machines but we want to involve different stakeholders (such as NGOs or social enterprises) to construct the machines and make use of it.

Do you think a project like this could work at a “city scale”, involving many stakeholders?

Besides we would like to know if it pollutes when the plastic is melting or burning?

We are opened for your feedbacks to help us implement this project in Siem Reap!

Thanks in advance to all 🙂


Hey there,

do you mean that you get a lot of people and organisations together to build the machine (because of the cost or the effort it takes) and then use it for your own projects?

I would say that as long you melt the plastic it doesn’t cause any pollution. But if plastic burns it causes a lot of pollution, that’s why simply burning your trash isn’t such a great way to get rid of it.


Howdy there! I feel like it would be beneficial to have many machines at a variety of locations that would be available.If the infrastructure for plastic recycling gets put into place, then it could operate at a larger scale. It also depends on if you want to reprocess the plastic or just break it down/sort it. The bundles of sorted plastic are able sell at larger quantities. If you want to use the precious material then figuring out how to use it as a valuable product is important. I suggest looking into the home building blocks for affordable housing or the recycled plastic lumber options!Either way, something needs to be done about all the plastic and we are open to helping!

Hi friends
My humble opinion. Making more machines may not be the most efficient and effective solution for the project. I believe the focus of the project is to recycle plastic efficiently. So, expecting people to make their own machine individually, it takes more time, more effort, more money spent, ending up delaying or unsuccessful machine building.

A more practical way could be to centralize all effort in a systematic way. Centralized machine design and development, manufacturing of such machines at one place for each region to be cost effective, centralized collection for efficiency, sales/marketing team to promote the use of Recycled and “Re-Purpose” plastic products.

We need a small group of people to help come out with the plan and management to make the above idea a success.


Hi there,

We’re currently working with the NGO NagaEarth ( in order to build an iteration of precious plastic. NagaEarth is based in Siem Reap as well and its first goal is to produce bio-diesel and soap from cooking oil “harvested” from restaurants and hotels in the city. With Precious plastic the idea is to build a first version in NagaEarth’s factory and then expand it to other interested stakeholders (restaurants and hotels previously mentioned). This seems to be close to your idea 😉

We would be happy to schedule a meeting to talk about it with you guys and maybe gather our strengths on this project !

Hi there,

Do you think a project like this could work at a “city scale”, involving many stakeholders?

In my opinion the more machines you build, the more stations you make, a better impact it will have. Why it wouldn’t work? You could make it go bananas and that’s what we all together are looking for.

Besides we would like to know if it pollutes when the plastic is melting or burning?

As stated on Precious Plastic FAQ:
Depends which type of plastic you’re using. The industry says that if you’re staying in the “melting zone temperature” you are safe. We’re not sure about this, so we use good ventilation or wear a mask. If you want to know more we wrote a story about this in our download kit.

Hope that helps!

Hi Cédric,

No it’s not for our own project since we just want to sensibilise people here in Cambodia and transform the way it works. People throw their plastic bags, plastic bottles of water everywhere. So if companies here, or NGOs, build their own machines, it could be like “stations” where we can drop out our plastic stuffs to recycle them.

And for my question of pollution, it was for the machines specifically. Because if we burn the plastic (like with the extrusion machine) logically it will pollute a little bit, right?

Thanks a lot!!