DALL-E Examples

Examples for AI generated pictures, using ´DALL-E Mini´ (work in progress).

DALL-E Examples

Please use the online generator here. And here the documentation

More AI based generators

“3D printed vase”

“3D printed vase, PET, mosaic pattern” (note that it discards certain modifiers or attributes)

“wall from hexagon tiles, art, red, blue, orange, speckled”

“wall from hexagon tiles, art” (note the perfect harmony of complementary colors)

“table made from recycled plastic, glass and steel”

table with a triangle shape and 5 legs, made from recycled plastic, glass and steel (just to make it go wild)

“book shelf from plastic, glass and metal, art”

3d printed sofa, art, mosaic pattern, small, modern

“small speaker from plastic, art”

small speaker from plastic, art, stripes



plastic, art

plastic, art, modern

plastic, metal, art, modern

plastic, metal, art, modern, lamp

plastic, metal, art, modern, lamp, fun

plastic, art, modern, lamp, fun (metal removed, seemed to be dominating)

plastic, art, modern, lamp, fun, mosaic

Here is an award-winning image. The jury was a bit upset after they figured out that the artist used AI. He defended his work by pointing out that it took a long time to curate the AI-based input …

Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

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