Dark Screens Word Wide To Save Energy

Hi Guys!

What if we create a movement/social demand using the PP network, to pressure the companies and/or devs, to make a dark/black screen option to all of their products, to save the user’s eye, and save energy, because when the screen is more darker it consumes less energy.

Like in the common development tools, but for all websites, apps, softwares, all things what come up on a screen.

What do you think?


@davehakkens as you wish 🙂

I don’t think it would help much on the reduction of energy….

From http://www.withouthotair.com :

if everyone does a little, we’ll achieve only a little.

While it is always good not to expend energy unnecessarily, putting a lot of effort into small reductions will not save the planet. Besides, compared to the old, hot, cathode-ray-tube monitors, flat computer screens already burn less electricity. Maybe it is better to use campaigning & design effort on areas that can make bigger changes to overall electricty consumption. It isn’t an easy task, as human nature is always working against any efforts to save energy – by finding new ways to increase consumption. See Jevons Paradox.

Also have a read of “Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency” on Low Tech Magazine (one of my favourite websites 😉


@xxxoliverxxx any thougths on this?