Database and Whatsapp Group of Precious Plastic Builder in Indonesia

Hi all,


The first time I know this project was already few months ago only by watching the video. I got really excited but since I don’t yet have the resource and more knowledge of it, I didn’t do anything about it. It’s a different story after I shared the video, dig deeper into the websites, find many valuable information, and discussed with more and more people. I also making new friends and some are already build the machines.  Thanks @davehakkens, his team, and everyone who shared their knowledge.


The curiosity about this machine is huge but there are still so many people left behind. I think it will helps if a single page containing lesson learned from local builders of this machine is available. That’s why I created, a google forms to facilitate the Precious Plastic activists in Indonesia to know each other, share with each other, and help each other. All information written here will be displayed openly in Therefore I remind all the participants to pay attention to the data to be written wisely. If you want to be invited to a whatsapp group of Indonesian precious plastic activists, please say hello to me by twitter (@haiizul) or email me at zulfikar.enviro (at) gmail (dot) com.


Well done Plastic Comrade ✊

Keep up the good work!

Just fyi

created a wiki at which you can use to create your own content and document any info related to Precious Plastic Indonesia.

Using the wiki should allow us to centralize all the data regarding Precious Plastic, and makes it easier for everyone to find your content.