Dave do you like Hawaii

Dave I am wanting to start a recycle/makers place next the beach the gets the most plastic covered on it. It’s Kamilio beach south point on the big island. I am looking at finding investors to help buy the land. I found acreage for sale. I would love your help in reaching out to people on this.


i dont think you need to own the land to collect the plastic from the area to be honest, the money would be more wisely spent on the machines

HeyO! Fresh (coco) meat here just moved to big i in november. Planning to start recycling in a big way here as soon as i have some funds. Lets stay in touch about kamilo beach trash day we can talk plastic and maybe meet some other trashy folks.

I will come in Hawaii!! I would like to switch my life in something better, just a dream but never say never, please let’s know how it will work!

I am going to buy the land so I can build a makers place on it.