Deliver Free Pellets to Consumers

I need some input on a machine that will generate commercial grade plastic pellets from home-based post-consumer plastic recycling programs and make it available to discerning plastic consumers for free.

How will you do this? It will achieve the objectives through two main components: Firstly, building a recycling machine using the Precious Plastic business model (for Shredding and Extrusion), and secondly, using e-commerce driven by pay-it-forward principles to deliver material for free.

Why would you do this? The targeted plastic consumers namely, Molders and Designers will have an incentive to use the commercial grade recycled plastics in their production, and proactively help to sustain the recycling process over long-term.

What do you think?

I had a chat with the local entrepreneur support group (RIC Centre in Mississauga) about this idea and he gave me a thumbs down on it. His main concern was that there will not be enough people who will shell out money to buy plastic recycling machine for home use. I will continue the research on its feasibility and will post updates. Hope to hear from you guys!

I would like to add my 2 cent comment that by using such a home shredder, you obviously shrink the plastic volume, clear space in your house, increase interval time of throwing it out in municipal recycling cages. My unprofessional instinct is that people would buy such a thing, with the right marketing. If not for the environment, but for easier household management.