Destination Shreddville which way should we go!

I started looking into shredder options. From already assebled to just the parts of the P.P version. To more supped up versions. Also checking cleaning techniques and tools to help id the plastics. May be to get or build one quicker we can collaborate on one on wheels to share as we gather the plastic in each of our areas. It could help generate more interest dragging it around Texas to the next pile of plastic.

This might not be the right place for this (or right time), but has anyone worked with a woodchipper?? I feel like that might be the easiest way for me to go (here in California), at least to get started and start banking plastic– thoughts?

Turns out I am getting a FREE woodchipper on Saturday!

It needs a little work, but free is still a very good price!

(BTW I just posted an ISO on my local Buy Nothing/Sell Nothing group– 3 hours later and I had an offer 🙂


Going to tag you in another post where Kettle went into chipper details.

Thanks for being you and look forward to all we can create together!

when I was searching for used industrial shredders, wood chippers kept popping up and I wondered the same thing. if we were to add the size guard\ screen to it may be it could. I do believe they were some reasonable prices