Differences between the machines

Hi everybody,

I am new on this forum and I really would like to build the machines and recycle plastic! My problem is:  I do not know what kind of machine I should use to make plastic dishes, do you have any suggestion?

Thanks a lot for your answears and forgive my English! 🙂


no worry, your English is well enough.

making dishes : actually none really fits (as often when it comes to specific shapes). In your case i’d make the mold with plates and use a standard arbor press : https://www.amazon.fr/Press-H-frame-Plates-Hydraulic-Equipment/dp/B0728GML6F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1551898577&sr=8-1&keywords=press+hydraulic

I found the bowl. Yes that’s correct, you could use the ‘compression’ machine to make dishes as well but since the process is pretty tedious, I’d rather go for making multiple molds, heat them in the oven and then smash it under the arbor/hydraulic press. I never tried such thing but it should work too.

i don’t know about the bowl, you have a link ?
the max. shot size is inner diameter of the barrel (ours is 25 mm) by around 45 cm height. Then you have add the shrink factor of the plastic type. From what I saw it’s between ~0.6 – ~0.8. It also depends how well you kept compressing the plastic in the barrel, it takes quite some time to fill it up. With a more effective/powerful system you can increase the barrel diameter.

thank you for your answear!

According to the videos I believed that we could make a bowl (for example) using a compressor, it is correct?
Besides, do you know the maximum size of objects products by the injection machine?

Hello @vertimbale !
The main information you must keep in mind is that all you need to work with plastics is  specific temperature & pressure.


The main differences between the machines is the product output you can obtain.

Injection machine has it’s limits concerning big items, you would need a bigger barrel & more manual pressure. The process is a one-shot

Compression machine also limits the size of wanted product due to the size of the oven you use. The bigger oven, the potential bigger product. This process is also a one-shot

Extrusion machine is quite different as it is a continuous system (as long as you continue feeding it with schredded plastic), in that sense, you can push the limits much further (concerning the size of output products)

Hope it helped ^^