DIY Shredder Requires User To Finish Parts(Cheap)

I have been tossing around this idea recently
I have access to a cnc plasma
cnc plasma is alot cheaper and faster to operate
However, the cut quality is alot worse than waterjet/laser
the cut quality also gets worse with wearing consumables
Because of the cut quality you need to “finish” the parts that are produced
so finishing such ass clearing dross, filing, and surfacing
buy the cut parts for way cheaper than laser parts and finish them yourself
So got more time than money this is for you

Currently i have 2 people slated for alpha and beta testers. From this community
also in the coming week i am going to be building some myself

Please ask any questions that come to mind i will try to add some pictures from the process.


We had our parts CNC plasma cut. $100 got us a double set of mild steel cutting blades and spacers. We built the steel frame ourselves. Yes, there was a fair amount of post cutting prep, but mostly because I was a little spooked about the kerf and I had our guy cut the inside dimensions a little small. If not for that, I can say we would’ve only had an hour into ‘finishing’ these parts.
And, for what it’s worth, for us mild steel has been completely adequate so far.

Allright sweet. I have since lost my access to that particular machine but i am currently designing and getting ready to build my own plasma cnc table.