Do you know if your

Do you know if your load is 120 or 240? IF IN DOUBT SEE AN ELECTRICIANIt would appear both black and red are hot wires,ie a 240 volt sytsem. If so this is how you wire it. The ground wire goes to the plug pin with the key. The black wire will go to either one of the adjacent pins, the red will go to the other adjacent pin. Order should not matter. The pin opposite the key would be neutral, which should be unconnected in this case.If your load is 120, you have to figure out which wire is neutral. Black should be hot. Red could be neutral. Black would then be connected to either pin adjacent to the ground pin. Red to the pin opposite the ground pin in the plug.By the way it appears your Hyundai generator may have the 120 volt sockets wired wrong. Its got the hot wires going to the pin on the 120 volt socket with the cross blade. This can be checked with a simple polarity plug checker sold in hardware stores. >Additional information, the ground and neutral wires are tied together in the Hyundai generator. Again the plug pin with the key on it is the ground pin. The two hots go to the adjacent pins, order is not important.