Domestic re-use of non recyclable plastics…

Hey… Loving the Precious Plastics initiative, but every day I am dismayed by the amount of “not currently recycled” plastics that need to be thrown away.

I’m determined to do something about it on a domestic scale…  I have been collecting ours this year and have hatched a plan to make it into lampstands…

Here’s the plan – looking for comments…

1. Design a lamp stand.
2. 3D print it in sections that will fit in my oven easily (probable 3)
3. Make plaster moulds with wide funnels / necks
4. Cram the mould with shredded plastic and heat in domestic oven.  Windows open!
5. Squish it into the mould.  Re-fill and repeat until solid-ish up to the right level
6. Put the parts together, add electrics, sell it at craft fair.

Does this sound like a goer?  I will post updates as I go…


Hello @flusteredlondon !

I don’t see why it shouldn’t work out. You may want to be sure all the plastic products are the same polymer; as they will not blend and fuse together through the melting process.

A domestic oven will do the trick, but i would not dare using it to cook food after having processed some plastic with it
Keep in mind to have good ventilation, and max security = gloves, mask & glasses

Looking forward to see that project come to life !
Cheers !

Really cool idea, like @imuh said, you do need to make sure you are dealing with the same plastic types, you can usually know what they are by looking at their recycling symbol. They all have a different melting temperature, who knows you might find some new way of blending it all together.

Definitely keep us updated, looking forward to seeing what comes out of it!

Good luck.