Double Face ( 2 colours ) Plastic Sheet

How to build your double face sheet press in easy steps.



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Step 1 - Material Preparation

Make sure that your mould is clean and that you have used silicon to avoid plastic sticking to it.

First step is to select two colours and weigh the material according to your mould size. In this case, our sheet is 1400g, so we used the scale to weigh 700g from organde and 700g from blue flakes

Step 2 - Melt your plastic by layers

Place all the one coloured flakes into the moulds and melt it at low temperature ( around 160 C using our oven). The temperature should not be so high since we are not yet using the cover mould on top.

Once the first layer is homogeneously melted, put the other layer ( in our case, blue) on top of the melted layers and cover it with the top mould. Attention: try to be quick in this procedure to avoid that the first layer cools off too fast and create a surface division.

Put it back into the oven until the new layer is also melted ( around 15min in our oven). Here we raised a bit the temperature to 180 - 190 C.

Step 3 - Finalize your sheet

After the oven, make sure you press the mould in the sheet press to remove all bubbles and ensure a smooth surface!

After pressing and cooling, your sheet is ready! Explore the several creative things you can do with such sheets such as double-face shelves, stools, tables and so on! :wink:

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