Drafting thinking on film shredders

Hi, I have had severe problem with melting plastic film in DIY heating chamber, in case of plastic film.
The heat is not getting transmitted to interior, neither by convection or conduction in case of shredded plastic film.
What I get is a charred layer of films on the heating metal vessel surface, and un-effected plastic film away from the surface. Gravity is not enough to settle the filmy peices downwards. And more over, the gases pushes it away from hot surface.

There is no pollution threat from more solid shredded plastic, becuase it is already accepted by professional recycling people here.

Slowly working on this.

Very happy to see the effort hereā€¦

Nishandh, Kerala.India

Sounds interesting. Have you got some additional pictures of information about this? Would love to see it!

If the outside flakes are charring before the inner ones have melted, I think that the machine you are using could benefit from a slower warm-up time, using pulse-width modulation on your heater.
Incidentally, are you talking about the melt chamber of an injection moulder? Just trying to guess since this is in the shredder section.