Drill Press Equipment

1. Semi-professional drilling equipment

The drill-press is one of the more important machine in a metal workshop. Don’t save money here! It has to be big and heavy - for safety reasons.

  1. Cheap CNC vise (250 Euro) - mostly used for small parts and drilling series
  2. ‘123 blocks’ - used for holding small parts with bolts
  3. Drillpress table’s t-slots
  4. Clamping gear (200 Euro)
  5. Vise jaws, that can hold flat bars and cylindrical pieces
  6. Solid bar, helpful for clamping
  7. Big vise (250 Euro). This is the more used and should be also heavy, wide

Clamping via T-Slot is the ultimate way to stay safe, even for small pieces!

2. Example setup

Here we can lock the work piece fast and repeatable

3. Drillpress

Starting at 3000 Euro - this can’t be big enough! Make sure it has an adjustable feed as well.

Case : Centering a spur-gear

Optional: height gauge/marker to balance a parallel

The result is acceptable, within 0.5mm.