Drilling machine as a motor

drilling machine as a motor?

Hi. I was thinking, since the motor is expensive in some places, could I use a drilling machine
plus a speed reducer instead of the motor?

For example, using a drilling machine with 300W and 2800 RPM with a speed reducer of 1:350
would produce a rotation of 7.8 RPM (almost 10 times slower than the 70 RPM), but a torque of
348N.m (stronger than 270N.m).

Would this work?


I don’t think a drill will work, you need something with much more torque. However, you are free to try and test. You might have luck shredding soft-thin plastic, but thick plastic pieces will make your drill sweat for sure.

I missed that part. Coupling a drill with a gear box sounds interesting. I saw a few gear boxes on ebay for around $50 that look like might work with a generic drill


Sure,but AS I SAID: drilling machine PLUS a speed reducerID

This would INCREASE the torque. Resulting in a higher torque than the original project.