Dyeing plastic

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I was wondeting how do you dye your shredded Plastic. I mean, the most common source of plastic are plastic bottles and they are transparent (translucids). So, how do you give color to your creations? How do you dye them?



@jrizzato You usually add color pigments to your shredded plastic mixture.

I know this is an old post but i feel like I should minimally add some information because I discovered this thread before I found my answer.

I’m not a fan of that dye method in the youtube video, but it’s nice to know that you have options if your object is already made.

What I suggest is mixing pigment with your plastic and extrude it. This helps mix things up.  You can extrude to directly make a new product or make filament to shred again so you can use in another machine.  It’s up to you.

Some pigments will change physical characteristics more than others.  If you use Carbon Black or Titanium Dioxide, they both will help protect your product from UV rays.  Some pigments might fade quicker than others.


Check out this website: https://polymer-additives.specialchem.com/selection-guide/pigments-for-plastics

How much pigment to use?  I haven’t gone over 2% with titanium dioxide, but I did read somewhere that if you want to UV protect your plastic with Carbon Black, you need to figure out the total weight of the plastic for your product, then take 2-3% of that weight and add that much of carbon black.

Example: The object you want to make is going to weigh 1,000g (1kg).  So we take 1,000g of the plastic you want to use, then add carbon black that’s equal to 2-3% of that plastic weight.
1,000g x 0.02 = 20g. (2 percent of 1,000g is 20g.)
1,000g x 0.03 = 30g. (3 percent of 1,000g is 30g.)

Good luck everyone!  And please share your experiences and results.

why not add the dying process to PP’s utlimate guide ?
Is it because we try to reduce waste, not to create more of it in a more contaminated form ?

Yeah! that was awesome!! Thank you very much. I was looking for something like that. I will give it a try as soon as I start creating things. Best regards!

I hope this helps.

Thanks roddan, that is what i thought. Do you know any trademark of those pigments? Can you share an eBay link?