Easier Profile Navigation

Hey all,

I’ve been talking to a lot of people who are interested in this movement and they often want to see one’s work. This platform already offers so much, but it can be hard to find what work or contributions a single profile has made to the community.
Currently there is an ‘Activity’ tab that lists the posts, comments and mentions a profile has received. For someone who wants an overview of the work someone has done it can be rather time consuming and a little bit stalker-ish to sift through the activity.

What if every profile had a ‘Topics started’ tab that would list all the topics that profile has created. In this way people could easily find the work and ideas that one profile has had or is working on. A portfolio of sorts…

What do you think? Am I missing something that already exists?

Peace ~


@mattia-io what do you think? You’ve got the power :>

👍 do the job waiting better shape

meanwhile. If you really REALLY want you could access it: add /forums behind the profile name.so http://onearmy.world/community/members/timslab/forums/ Looks shitty but works 🙂

Haha, got it on my list, @mattia-io.
And thanks @timslab, for the good wishes, I’ll need it 😀
Will be working on this and probably start a new topic for it soon!

@mattia-io thanks for the answer… I wish that team member great focus and motivation! ^^

Eh Eh… would be great indeed… however, the platform we’re currently using is rather limiting when it comes to customization.

Someone in the team is working on making this forum a blast, will flag this post to them.

Thanks for bringing this up, helps a lot!
Ciao 🙂

I Would love this feature