Easy way to make your shredder mobile

Hey there! Although i learned a lot from making the shredder i’m not really a technical guy so i came up with this easy way to make my shredder mobile.
The transportwagon did cost me 30euros and i had to made some little adjustments to it to make it fit but it still saved me a lot of time which i can use making molds (can’t wait:D). The rest of the shredder is as secondhand and as cheap as possible and strong in the same time.

here you can see it in motion https://youtu.be/hzXYoqoLCf0

Hey man yeah i will today!:slight_smile:

That’s a cool shredder @baas , congratulations 😉
Would you be so kind to share your motor details/experience on my topic? http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/share-your-shredder-motor-experience/