Ebay shredder unit

I am very excited about discovering this movement. I want to set up one plastic recycling and article manufacturing workshop in my town, Southend on Sea, Essex, England. Perhaps in conjunction with the local council waste facility. Once established then replicate more of the same recycling centres to increase plastic recycling.
I am a capable welder fabricator and have most of the tools it would seem are required. except I would need to outsource the metal turning for want of a metal lathe.
I have read on this forum other machine builders views on expense of building the shredder, I have seen this ready to power unit on ebay, It does not appear to be made of stainless steel but perhaps does have hardened blades, which as I understand plastic does blunt blades quite well, would be preferable. Does anyone have any views on these units? ebay No: 262410595425 for £360 posts on the forum are talking of much more expense just for the laser cutting of the shredder blades.
Thanks for any input

Hi, yes that mini shredder I have seen in a number of YouTube video’s & it looks very capable. I’m not sure if this video is produce by the creator of the design or its just someone taking advantage of the open licence to manufacture. However this guy has so many videos of that same type of shredder, shredding everything even a plastic poo, so many that I couldn’t be bothered counting them all.

@espensales have a look at this

That’s very useful, so Chrome vanadium components. I shall be getting a quote for the laser cutting of one of these asap.