Ecuador Earthquake – implementing Precious plastic

I am Fernanda Duque and I am Ecuadorian. Currently, I am working with my team and a group of students from the University I work on as Development coordinator, on different ways for helping the communities affected by the Earthquake that hit Ecuador’s coast on past April 16, 2016. We would like to implement ‘Precious plastic’ project in a very poor community in southern Esmeraldas province, as a way to help with waste management and contribute with alternative income sources for this community.
The local economy is very limited and depends mainly on fishing and farming. This project is thought to be implemented with women in the community, as a means to also reduce the gender inequality in the area. However, we would like your help or your team’s, so that we can have more details on the mechanisms and their capabilities. We are starting a fundraising campaign to build as many machines as possible – hopefully 5 or 6 of each machine in the process. We aim to also give training to the women on the functioning and maintenance of the machines, sustainable business and fair trade, and general legal info about our country. We plan to also work with children on activities to educate on the importance of conservation and environment.
I very much appreciate your time for reading this and hope to hear from you soon. My contact information is ( or through my personal email ( Thank you!
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