Electric Motor Advice (see pics)

Hey all,

I can get my hands on 3 motors attached in the images below. But not being an engineer/ electrician. I can’t tell if these motors will serve any good purpose for machinery.

I’m personally still looking for a motor for my shredder, can anyone here advise me on if this motor is any good and/or if I can slow this motor down to 50-90RPMS with just electronic circuits?
pics attached below.
Thanks in advance

Hy, i’m not an expert, but i think there’s no way you can slow it enough with electronics and if you manage to do it, it would have very poor torque. Only way is a mecanical reduction.

have you looked into this shredder motor experience topic?

Slowing down the motor speed is possible with Variable Speed Drive (VSD), also called Variable Frequency Drive. But the motor will be very hot especially if the speed is below 20 rpm, more than several minutes for heavy mechanical load. The motor has a cooling fan that directly coupled to the motor shaft, operating the motor at low speed will only turn the fan slowly, as a result, low air flow would no enough to cool the motor. There is a risk of motor overheating.
Other than that, the shredder would not produce enough torque for a reasonable length of time. As the motor speed is low, directly producing such a large torque (motor without gear box) will demand large electrical current from the VSD, which will easily go higher than the VSD electrical current trip level. This limit function made on VSD to prevent motor overheating. If the high current level continues beyond a certain length of time (defined by the current starting curve), the VSD will trip (stop supplying current to the motor).

These motors are only 0.37kw! Way not strong enough.

You will need at least 2.2-3kw for the strength. Best to use something 3 phase, and use a Variable Frequency drive to adapt it to single phase power(if needed).