Electric Usage Alternative Heating Power Sources

I am new here on the forums, but have been following the videos on Youtube for some time. I am looking to move to an area of the world where living off the grid is for many the norm due to the high cost of electricity from the power grid and the high cost of installation.

I have been looking through the information and plans available and was wondering if anyone has been logging their electrical usage and for what they are using it for?

Heating the plastic using electricity while easy to regulate the temperature may be cost prohibitive for an off-grid plastic work space. Are there any plans to try and create machines that use other sources of energy to heat the plastic?


Whilst not entirely plastic specific as I originate from recycling metals, however, some of the forging I do uses a small amount of LPG to start and then runs on primarily used cooking oil, this can also be used for heating entire houses although it does not drop low enough where I am for me to use this. If you are able to regulate temperature well enough it could possibly used for heating an oven in an offgird environment or simply as house heating reducing the off grid power need for that.
If you have local shops that use cooking oil, often you will find they are more than happy for you to take their waste oil for free as it means they do not have to try and get rid of it.
As I move towards recycling more and more different types of materials, I will be installing solar panels as I can afford to reduce the cost of my recycling both monetary as well as through not drawing from the coal based grid power.