We are done with everything on the injection machine but can not seem to figure out the electrical wiring because there is no details on:

-What gauge wire to use for each part
-What kind of plug do we connect the wires to
-What kind of chord do we use to connect the machine to the wall
-Pictures of what the connection looks like

If anyone can help us out with any of this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

when in doubt, google it 🙂
But seriously, it would probably be better to call a local electrician and ask for advice or help out, it might cost a little, but it is certainly cheaper than burning your house down 🙂 hope it helps a bit

The band heaters and temperature sensors are already wired. If ever the cable isn’t long enough, you want to extend with at least the same diametre of cable. You also want to keep the cabling as short as possible.
The schematics is in the folder: precious-plastic-kit-master/3. Build/Injection/Blueprints
The injection machine will consume at max. 800 Watts, so any three pin powercord with 3 x 1,5mm² will do fine.

Hey! Saw that you posted a couple months ago, did you get the answers to the questions? I’m going through the same process and would be grateful for any information you may have regarding the electrics for the injector. Thanks!