Electronics Tutorial 4 Extruder

I’m super hyped to make an extruder machine, but I’m not the greatest at the wiring and the schematics have gotten me a little confused.
I have the exact same components that Dave uses in the tutorial, and as I’m a visual learner, can anyone create a step by step video to show what wires go where, or even a few very detailed descriptions and (real life) images, that would be amazing!!! Or even better, could someone direct me to where I could visually see what to do.



There is a tutorial on the forum… you must check.

it’s stupid simple at the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYyAA6mnTPo. so you’re search on google : ‘pid controller wiring’. what’s not clear in the video is that power supply goes into the pid controller, and forwards only one phase to the relay, the other phase of the relay is going to the same terminal as the power supply.

i would also recommend to install a fuse/breaker, and you should have extra toggle buttons for each headband