Email notifications for new forum replies


I was wondering whether it would be possible to receive email alerts if someone replied to your topic or if someone replied to a thread that you marked as favorite or so.

I find it hard to keep track of all the interesting topics here. Email notifications would be a great way to support this.

Thanks a lot


@denyo1986 I totally agree! In the moment, it is only possible via @flo-2

There are some free-to-use tools like, however they are either very limited in functionality or just designed to make money out of it…


thanks for the hint. I do get emails when someone tags my name but not if people reply to a thread that I opened or commented on. My settings were already all on “yes”. Maybe some malfunction of the system……?


@denyo this option is actually available here on this website.
follow this instructions
go to your profile in top right corner> settings> email> click “yes” button on the three options.