European trip for Precious Plastic Samos

Hi people!
Last year during version 4 we met many of you already but now it’s time to go and visit some more of you 😃 But of course, with a goal, exchanging knowledge and this time with the focus of getting donations for the precious plastic workspace on Samos. Down here you can find some more information about the project. THANKS, AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!🙌

Helping each other sounds easy but sometimes we feel really far away from people really needing our help…

A team of young creators is setting up a Precious Plastic workspace on a greek island named Samos. This place is located close to the Turkish border and many refugees try to enter the European Union here. Samos can’t provide enough infrastructure to host all the refugees. The island is not prepared for the situation, the camps are horrendously overcrowded and the regional waste management is not able to deal with the extra waste. This has lead to unhygienic conditions in the camp and environmental problems that affect the whole island.

Our answer is to create an educational workspace where locals and refugees both work together to fix their problems and turn them into good. We create awareness of the impact of current plastic pollution. We offer activities and the imparting of new skills by an Open Workspace.

This is for the people that have been stuck on the island living in inhumane conditions over many years, without any personal routine. This is for people not knowing how to solve their problems. We recognize education as the key to establishing the value of plastic and community building as the answer to resolving social frictions.

And the great thing is you can help us set up this project by donating tools, materials or support us financially. From the 20th of January, we will drive from The Netherlands all the way down to Samos. We will pass by several countries (The Netherlands – Germany – Czech Republic – Austria – Hungary – Serbia – Macedonia – Greece). Visiting other projects, talk to different people, sharing experiences and knowledge and gather information and tools. Presentations in different places will help us to reach as many people as we can.If you have good ideas where we should stop on the way or you want to send/bring us some donations, you can get in touch with us by writing an email to
You can follow the trip by having a look at:
If we are not in the opportunity to pass by your place you can always make a donation here:

Hopefully see you on the road 😀

When you or any of your friends, family or really anyone you have met are interested in getting to know more about the project on Samos or our experience developing Precious Plastic Version 4. We are open to give presentations or talks along the way. If you have any ideas about how we could be more powerful do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
For further details just get in touch with us and we see what we can do for you 🙂