Everyday objects from plastic

Hello forum members!

I have a few ideas that could be made with these machines that we use “everyday”:

dowels of different sizes

string or line for lawn trimmer and edger

flowerpot trays of different sizes

cable ties of different color and size




metal detector head
This should be separable and should be hollow indise, because we should glue the copper coils inside and then put the two sides together

poker chips

Dave, can you test these with your machines? Do they are able to fabricate the above things?



Any news, suggestions, failures, ideas about this? No one wants to discuss this topic?

Maybe another idea is some cups, plates, cutting boards, flower a Dobbel water bottle, desk pencil holder.

These are more everyday items that everybody could use.

I don’t want to sell them, just to make them for myself. For Example I’m drilling some shelfs at my home, and I need 10 dowels, could I make them for myself? Same with the other stuff, comb, bucket, cable ties, etc…

Great Ideas!
Just have to produce them in mass to sell it, almost all

HDPE or Nylon gears as a cheap gear solution for shredders
Also easy to reproduce is one gets damaged.

thinking mini shredder…

i think when it comes to “everyday” objects, you might have picked a few not so everyday objects here (poker chips? really?)…

the others might have just to much detail to be made without a expensive mold… keep in mind that the main area of operation for these machines will probably be in 2nd or 3rd world countries, just next to a dump-site…. those people are most likely not looking for poker chips or shoehorns…

i think things like buckets, pots, tool (handles) or building material would be the go-to product when using this to actually make a living… the others are just to expensive to invest into…

but that’s just my opinion, what do you think of my points here?