Excel with complete list of laser cut files

Hello Guys,

our supplier in Thailand had problems to go through all the documentation and actually understand how many parts we need, what shape, in which quantity.

I created an Excel overview to make it easier.

Can anyone have a short look and tell me whether this list is complete and accurate?
I noticed that there is no part with part no. “01.04.11”. Not sure why.

So if we dont order the sieve then we should receive 74 parts from our supplier. Is that correct?

Here is the link the the overview:

Thanks a lot for any help/advice.



it would be great if you could have a quick look here.
Thank you.

Yes, only the shredding unit in the Excel so far.
I am happy to provide it as Excel if someone wants to add more information.

The rest of the parts is in my opinion more easy (not the engine of course) and will probably be made up “as we go”, cause we have to see what is available.

it’s is only the knife system?

@denyo1986 @erin-henderson

Yeah guys, I have the problem too, of recognize all the materials that we need:

What things are included in your excell?

This will be extremely helpful!! Thank you.