[EXCHANGED] Sheetpress - Cell - RC2

Some details for the new sheetpress - cell - grid

Source : http://files.osr-plastic.org/files/machines/sheetpress/sheetpress-cell-rc2/

Cartridge Heater Back Mount Blocks -

Variant Nr. 3 looks more promising, easy, precise & fast. Instead of drilling, we slot it just! The cartridge heater is being held in place with 20x60x80 blocks, on the heating plate.

Here an example of milling a bar

CAM : https://a360.co/3ePvYzx - Roughing & finishing, perfect fit with gentle hammer kick, running S3500 & F3000.

More testing with IR camera in progress :slight_smile:


References - Heating alternatives


  • investigate methane burning, be used for oil boilers (cows? :slight_smile:

New rail idea


Misc Hardware

Heat - Plates

1. Fixture - SPC - 300 Alignment

2. Zero

Use 1-2-3 gauge block (76.2mm length)

3. Prepare stock

  • determine bend (banana ends up :slight_smile:
  • punch datum corner (top left)

4. Clamp stock & probe for flatness

5. Cut and test the damn thing

That’s a fantastic resource you found for oil heat transfer! I looked around but didn’t find anything that detailed. Thanks!

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Pressure test & calibration

In some areas, the plates need to be adjusted

Final build

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