Exploded View of Shredder parts

I have been trying to get the shredder part of the entire “shredder” but its been hard because most people with cnc machine will not bother with an assembled model of the shredder. The machinist requested a exploded view of the individual parts.

Can anyone post a exploded view of the shredder part? Im not good at 3d modeling.

Also does anyone else have a problem with the assembled version of the shredder?

Hi Andrew,
some more explaining please, what exactly are you looking for?

I have a exploded view somewhere, but that would not help any cnc shop I guess.
DXF files for a laser or watercutter are in the download package.

Have a look at this topic, for other than metric countries……

U.S. sheetmetal

i found a guy who would cut the parts for me but when i gave him the .step file from the downloaded packet he said he would need an exploded view of the entire shredding unit with materials, tolerances, finishes, call outs ( hardness, coatings, ect…) for each individual part.

Has anyone else had this problem? i thought all i needed was to send the files to a person who could cut the parts with what was provided in the download packet.

Help anyone?