Exporting plastic to china


has anyone here previous experience with exporting plastic waste to China/Vietnam/India/… (e.g. to sell it to plastic processing companies there)?

If yes, I would appreciate an exchange on various things like how difficult this is, what obstacles there might be and what prizes could be achieved for plastic waste. This will help us to understand what conditions our already existing but presumably inefficient local competitors operate in.

Any advice or pointing in the right direction is highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.



Hello,i am from China. According to the latest policy of the Chinese government, China will limit or even prohibit the import of waste plastics.

@denyo1986 Great idea!

However I don’t think it will be worth it. Here is why:

Although plastic is a valuable material, it is not gold. New plastic is consistant, if you have one ton of yellow polypropylene, you exactly know the properties, additives, colors, etc. That’s what makes it interesting for “the big boys”. However when dealing with recycled plastic, you don’t really know what material you are dealing with. Even though you have only e.g. yellow polypropylene, each piece has different properties. To give you an idea, commonly over 50% of any plastic object is just additives (colours, plasticizers, stabilizers for warmth or light, antistatic materials, fillers, fireproofing agents, etc.). That is also one of the main reasons why plastic isn’t being recycled on a larger scale than it is.

In Austria, there is an organisation collecting HDPE and PP (mostly bottlecaps) and selling them to a recycling facility, the money is spent helping children with a disease – link – . They get 260€ per metric ton (yes, I didn’t mistype).

Doing math:
A standard sized container seems to be about 12m x 2,3m x 2,4m inside dimensions (– link –), so that’s a volume of ~ 66 cubic meters.

*** DIGRESSION: Plastic waste density
Based on the density of plastic FLAKES, you have about 200g per litre, so that’s 200 kg per cubic metre. However the raw waste has a much smaller density (obviousely) than flakes. 1 litre of bottlecaps weighs around 140g, so I think about 100g/litre or 100kg/metric ton should be realistic(if well-arranged).

0,1tons per cubic meter times the 66 cubic meters are 6,6 metric tons. Times (let’s take the price the organisation in Austria gets) 260€ is a total of 1716€ (8,354,517.77 KHR) So if the shipping costs are way under that (I doubt it), it could be worth doing. I’m currently waiting for a cost offer fromdeliveryquotecompare from Phnom Penh to Shanghai and I will update you once I get some offers.

I hope that helps,

Hi Daniel I do know this much … That there has to be a minimum amount to be shipping it over because you have to fill the container ! If this is a problem you could try tesming up with some one or others to reach the quantity needed , like with me for instance I have a lot here in Salford that I acquired and because most if it is jazz it’s not much sought after in uk ! But in these countries you mention , it’s acceptable , however we must consider the price dip in china , probably because of tensions in the china sea ! Perhaps a edit if possible or another country ?